Meet Richard COE

Richard is a nationally-recognized Financial Educator, Author, Speaker and Retirement Planner. As the creator of The Abundant Wealth Process and co-author of Retire Abundantly, Transformational Investing, and Giving Transforms You, you may have seen Richard on NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX network affiliates and Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch, Yahoo Finance, Investing Daily, Wall Street Select, The Wichita Eagle, Wichita Business Journal, among others.

As Seen On

Richard has been interviewed on Business Icons, by Kevin Harrington, original Shark on ABC TV’s Shark Tank, and James Malinchak, featured on ABC TV’s Hit Series, Secret Millionaire.

As Founder and CEO, Richard and his team at Coe Financial Services have been showing business owners, professionals, and women-on-their-own how to preserve, protect and pass on their wealth since 1983.

It doesn’t take long with Richard Coe to see why people trust their money and their future to him. He is a warm and passionate communicator with a “down-home” style who loves to share his financial wisdom and insights as a Keynote Speaker to many organizations, as well as with the public through his ongoing Private Briefings – Reducing Income and Estate Taxes on Your IRA and 401(k).

In addition, Richard shares his leadership experience as the past President of the Financial Planning Association of Kansas, the Wichita Estate Planning Council, the Wichita Rotary Charitable Fund, and others.

Richard has been married to Deb since 1982 and they have two married sons, David and Doug, and five grandchildren. They enjoy reading and traveling, but they enjoy spending time with their grandchildren even more.

Discover the Biggest Obstacles to Retire Abundantly as
Richard is interviewed on Business Icons, by Kevin Harrington,
original Shark on ABC TV’s hit series Shark Tank.

Richard’s journey began in a most unusual way!

“No, you can’t have a nickel for a popsicle.”

When I was very young, growing up in Wichita, my best friend at the time, Ben (not his real name), who lived a few doors down from us, lost his father to a sudden heart attack.

Over the years there were many, many occasions when I would ask Ben to do something with me. When those things involved money, the answer would often be, “no.” He might only be asking for a nickel for the popsicle man, but the answer was still “no.” At the time, I didn’t understand why or what was really going on.

My parents were generous people, so often times I would witness them stepping up and helping Ben. They even included him on family trips.

Little did I know that I was learning two of life’s most powerful money lessons: the power of planning, or in this case the power of not planning for life’s uncertainties; and the power of generosity, and having enough so you can step up and be generous when others are in need.

In middle school, I learned a number of other important money lessons: the power of goals, hard work, incentives… and the most important of all, the power of money mentors.

My dad, who was a pretty intelligent man and smart with money, had a business trip planned to Washington D.C. and he knew I would want to go. He said to me, “Richard, if you will earn half your way, you can join me on my trip to D.C.”

Well, that fired me up. I did whatever I could to earn my way for that trip. I mowed lawns. Raked leaves. Washed windows… and delivered papers. I started to enjoy working hard. And I enjoyed making, and saving, money. Having worked hard for my money, I didn’t want to waste it.

In Washington, I learned how to value money and handle it wisely. There were zones for cabs, instead of meters. If you were crossing from one zone into another, suddenly it would cost more. I took the time to learn where the zone markers were, so I could walk a few blocks and save a little money. My dad, my money mentor, gave me the opportunity to learn about spending money wisely.

Then my dad taught me another powerful wealth lesson: the power of ownership. He encouraged me to start buying stocks. Ford Motor Company and Cessna Aircraft were the first two stocks I invested in, as I began to learn the rewards, and the risks, of ownership.

I also learned a number of important life lessons starting in middle school. In middle school and high school there was always an in-crowd, and then there was “everyone else.” I was kind of geeky, so I was in the “everyone else” category. Like many geeks, I liked numbers. So, what do you study in college if you like numbers? Economics, of course.

As a lifetime learner, I got my MBA in finance and accounting at The University of Chicago. I went to work with the largest bank in Chicago, where I discovered what I wanted to do with my life: I wanted to help people make money with their money, rather than lend money and charge interest. More importantly, the light bulb went off and I discovered I wanted to help people live generous lives, like my parents. And, I wanted to show people how to protect themselves and their wealth from life’s uncertainties and avoid the life that Ben and his mom had experienced.

That’s been my mission since 1983 – to mentor hard working folks on
how to preserve and protect their wealth, so that they can live an
abundant lifestyle and leave an abundant legacy.

We are Abundant Wealth Planners Whole-Heartedly Serving
Business Owners, Professionals And Women-On-Their-Own
With a Stewardship Mindset and Skillset

We work in tandem with clients who view us as a joint collaborator in living an abundant life and leaving an abundant legacy! The team at Coe Financial Services is uniquely equipped and trained as fiduciary wealth advisors to serve clients who are a good fit with us.

Since 1983, we have found there must be a good fit both ways for long-term success. While you are evaluating an advisor for a good fit, they must be evaluating you as well. We reviewed our most enduring relationships and have identified The Seven Key Characteristics for a Win-Win Relationship.


They Live Their Life by Principles
Principles like honesty, integrity and hard work—to name just a few—are the foundation of everything that they do. They do not sacrifice principles for results. The ends never justify the means.


They Know the Value of a Dollar
One of our business owner clients would say, “Every dollar that I have saved is valuable to me. It came by the sweat of my brow and I risked everything I owned to start this business and keep it running. I don’t want to pay one more dollar in taxes than I am required.” They have worked hard to earn and save their money.


They Believe Wealth is More than Money
They know that True Wealth has many dimensions… including personal, social, spiritual, human, and intellectual capital. They believe all wealth is worth preserving. “Relationships are more important than my money. Of course, I want to have enough to secure my lifestyle, but I want to positively impact my family and my community,” is a comment our clients would make.


They Are Open to New Ideas
They know there is no monopoly on ideas, no corner on the creativity. Therefore, they approach new ideas with an open mind. Many have a reasonable plan and good advisors; yet, they are always open to move to the next level.


They Know Strategy Beats Tactics Every Time
Their experience has taught them the value of strategy first: aim before you fire. Even though strategy requires more time up front, it pays off handsomely in the long run.


They Know What They Do Well
By implication, they know what they don’t do well. “I tried the do-it-yourself route with my money. What a disaster! I know enough to be dangerous. Besides, I can make more money with my time than it costs to delegate,” another comment our clients would make.


They Care about Value and Quality
They agree with John Ruskin who said “There is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price only are this man's lawful prey.” They hire, respect and reward talented specialists. They desire win-win relationships with people they enjoy.

If these qualities resonate with you and you are looking for a Win-Win Collaborative Relationship, schedule an Abundant Wealth call to see if you might be a good fit with us and The Abundant Wealth Process.