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Keeping clients involved with their investments – and their futures

“We combine our authentic concern for our clients with a commitment to excellence.” That’s how Richard Coe explained why his investment firm still has clients who started with him in the early 1980s.

That puts Coe, who owns and operates Coe Financial Services in East Wichita, right where he wants to be in terms of his relationship with his clients. The company’s primary business efforts are tied to managing investment portfolios for its clients with a financial planning approach. Coe and his chief operating officer Jim DeKalb use their knowledge and expertise to help people address critical financial issues.

The registered advisory firm was launched in 1983 by Coe, who already had personal investment and commercial banking experience. Something about the new field of financial planning captured his attention.

“It was primarily an idea or a vision at that point – the very early stages of a new profession,” said Coe, who was born and reared in Wichita and had returned from Chicago. “As a pioneer, I got started and kept learning.”

Today, Coe Financial Services is one of the longest-tenured financial planning firms in Kansas. Coe has thoroughly enjoyed his career choice, as well as the services and satisfaction his firm has delivered to clients.

“Most clients are at or near retirement,” said Coe. “Quite simply, we want to make sure their assets last.”

Even though he didn’t know it at the time, Coe’s background and interest in the field started when he was in middle school. That’s when he purchased his first stocks, Ford and Cessna, and he’s been investing ever since.

Coe earned his bachelor’s degree in economics and political science from Macalester College in St. Paul, Minn. From there, he earned his MBA in finance and accounting from The University of Chicago (now called Chicago Booth) and advanced to Second Vice President at what was then Chicago’s largest bank – Continental Bank. In many ways, it was a dream job and situation, but Coe wanted to get back to Wichita and has only been grateful he returned.

Jim DeKalb has been with the firm since 2007 and provides expertise for clients in the areas of Social Security and long-term care insurance. For Coe and DeKalb, the goal is to provide a team effort for clients.

“Our clients have been very pleased with Jim’s help,” said Coe. DeKalb has a background as a successful business owner and has learned the financial services industry from the ground up.

Most financial advisors are connected to a broker-dealer. In 2013 Coe and DeKalb left the broker-dealer world and eliminated a middle man. Client assets are held at TD Ameritrade Institutional and clients pay fees rather than commissions for investment management and/or financial planning services.

“There’s always more to learn in this business – the tools keep getting better,” Coe said with a smile. “We are both gaining more knowledge and expertise as we go along, and our clients benefit.”

Both Coe and DeKalb pride themselves with having core values that build strong and lasting relationships with their clients. They work hard to help their clients with investments and financial planning for retirement, and that earns them the respect of their clients. The keys to maintaining those working relationships are communication and service.

“We use a variety of sophisticated strategies that have proven to be effective over the years,” said Coe. “From the start, we look at where a client stands in relation to their hopes for the future, and then we keep them engaged.

With better metrics and systems, I am more excited than ever about our ability to help our clients.”

  • We want all of our clients to have an understandable financial plan that addresses all of their financial concerns. We want people to know where they are in relationship to their goals so they may make informed decisions. We want to replace anxiety with confidence. One of the building blocks is for people to know how much they can spend without jeopardizing their financial future.
  • One of the most important financial decisions facing millions of baby boomers is when and how to receive Social Security benefits. Social Security is a complex benefit program with many nuances. Jim DeKalb is our expert on this subject. Making the right decisions with regard to Social Security benefits can make a huge difference.
  • Millions of baby boomers or their spouses will need long-term care in the future. The government will not pay for this care unless one is receiving Medicaid benefits. We help people decide whether they can self-fund a possible need for long-term care or whether they should build in protection with long-term care insurance, which is available now in different packages. Nobody wants to run out of money. It is hard enough when an individual or his or her spouse cannot take care of one’s self. Financial problems can make the situation even worse.
  • Even though Americans have experienced the consequences of massive asset bubbles, investors can have short memories and become complacent. The Fed has created close to $3 trillion in excess reserves. Think of this like alcohol – it may be enjoyable for a while, but can also be very dangerous. The Fed has an addiction to printing money and there will not be a happy ending. We think it is very important to have a methodology for making defensive portfolio moves.

We not only have the metrics – the data – to make those decisions, we have the technology that allows us to be nimble. We are better equipped than ever before to manage money wisely on behalf of our clients.

  • We get to know our clients well and we understand not only their financial situations but their concerns and objectives. They know they have access to us and that we will be responsive to their questions. In fact, we are not simply responsive, but we are also pro-active in initiating review sessions, plan updates, and a variety of related services.